Anti aging clinic for men

Green veggies have huge benefits for anyone at any age—they’re packed with nutrients and cancer-fighting compounds. But for guys in their 40s, greens offer another distinct important element: lutein. The National Institutes of Health found that those who consumer the greatest amount of this carotenoid found in plant foods, are 43% less likely to experience macular degeneration (aka bad eyesight). So if you want to continue seeing clearly, add a side of spinach to your meal. Speaking of vegetables, learn about the firefighter who stays ripped on a vegetarian diet.

Dr. Savage is a world leader in anti-aging medicine, revolutionizing the approach to regenerative, integrative care. He founded Agenixs, the first anti-aging concierge medical practice in the United States, with a focus on white-glove, customized treatment. With more than 20 years in the field treating thousands of patients, Dr. Savage draws the country’s most ambitious and competitive professionals — powerful executives, top athletes, celebrities, influential entrepreneurs — and is a nationally sought-after lecturer and consultant. Dr. Savage’s unique approach brings together innovative research, the most up-to-date methods of evaluation and treatment, and his own vast experience — with powerful, proven results. His goal: to guide each patient to good health, vitality, stamina, beauty, and happiness — through life’s journeys.

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Anti aging clinic for men

anti aging clinic for men


anti aging clinic for menanti aging clinic for menanti aging clinic for menanti aging clinic for menanti aging clinic for men