Benefits of testosterone gel

Males start an approximate 1% yearly testosterone decline anywhere from their twenties to thirties, and this will also continue on through life. By the middle-aged years, a man can be suffering from a change of 20 to 30% or more . This can have a dramatic adverse effect on his sex drive and performance. The production of testosterone and sperm also are interrelated, and some men dealing with Low T find it difficult to father a child. Treatment with testosterone therapy has brought about remarkable benefits in the area of sexual performance for men.

9. Lowered Depression .  As far as I remember, I never had a morning erection in my adult life, so there is strong chance in my opinion that I was low testosterone my entire adult life.  And I struggled post-puberty with another common symptoms of low testosterone:  depression.  My depression was generally mild and was like "having the blues" or a feeling of melancholy almost continually.  The remarkable thing for me was, when I went on testosterone cypionate, the depression disappeared literally overnight.  I have never felt depression a day since.

Greetings Shawn,
I live in Australia which has low selenium in it’s soil and i grew up on a farm in a time when imported or all year round fresh fruit and vegetables were rare. This coupled with the fact that we were relatively poor meant both my parents saw fruit as a luxury and vegetables as only those few we could grow in a low water area, so any selenium i might have accessed thru these sources was non existent. As a result I have suffered for years from chronic mental health problems. I have been diagnosed with everything from bipolar disorder to schizoaffective disorder to depression as well as trying to self medicating with various drugs both legal and illegal. There was three children in my family. I am, in my opinion, the only survivor. My brother killed himself at 39 yrs old and my sister has a 25 year chronic drug addiction and very questionable health. I learned about selenium 23 yrs ago and have experienced freedom from mental health problems and the nasty drugs they feed you ever since.
Thank you for your research it proves my subjective experience,

Benefits of testosterone gel

benefits of testosterone gel


benefits of testosterone gelbenefits of testosterone gelbenefits of testosterone gelbenefits of testosterone gelbenefits of testosterone gel