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A great review and very true. BUT…
Let me point out some reality in gigging the unit.
Have you noticed that you can’t physically tap a fast tempo for any delay model? I’ll tell you why. They have set a maximum speed below what we require in a band situation. To understand pick any tap tempo delay unit DL4, echo farm etc but try their own. You can tap tempo any beat tat is possible with your foot. Try the M9. Hang on there’s a cut off point! You have to learn to tap n eighth notes to achieve the results and what live musician can do that or would want to learn to tap in another time value. How many owners have actually noticed? Not many I bet but surely something as important as that for live use would be picked up? I don’t think I have the fastest foot in the world!
Another point. You can not achieve those great sounds of the big box units eg DL4, DS4, try it. Try and get the MXR BOOST COMP setting on the DS4 or the same fantastic feed backs of the DL4 or the cutting square wave term on an MM4. Sounds like simulations of simulations.
This is all probably because the original guys who came up with the cool shit to start with have gone. What we’re left with is technology and companies so big they stop listening to the end users.
In all honesty I like a lot of things line6 do but the sacrifice of the ‘cool shit’ puts me off.
Yes it as advantages but do they outweigh the compromises for people namely guitarists who get off on the sound and how it inspires them.
End of rant.
Ps they are aware of this in California but they won’t do anything about the first point. I suppose the 2nd is a matter of opinion.

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Best eq effects pedal

best eq effects pedal


best eq effects pedalbest eq effects pedalbest eq effects pedalbest eq effects pedalbest eq effects pedal