Eq in effects loop

The only disappointing thing I can find in the GSP1101 is its cabinet modeling. The cabinet models aren’t terrible, but for the most part, they sound fairly narrow, flat, and unexciting. Attempts to EQ them to sound more ‘in your face’ generally create muddy and/or fizzy results. They’re perfectly adequate (and in fact can sound quite good) for practicing or jamming along to recordings, but when used in a live environment or as part of a studio mix, they fall quite short. If the GSP1101 was stuck with only the ability to use DigiTech’s cab models, I would feel that the unit’s tones were slightly above average at best. However, by far my favorite feature of the C63 firmware update is the ability to upload up to 10 third-party cabinet impulse response files into the unit’s memory. This feature is relatively new given the GSP1101’s fairly long time on the market, and it really transforms it into a whole new unit.

Eq in effects loop

eq in effects loop


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