Eq it only gets worse

The African Union and South Africa's president, Jacob Zuma, said there was almost nothing wrong. If, as is likely, Mr Mulunda declares Mr Kabila the winner, uprisings may break out in parts of Congo. “If Kabila returns to power he'll have to walk over our dead bodies,” said Palmer Kabeya, one of Mr Tshisekedi's backers outside the 78-year-old candidate's party headquarters in Kinshasa. The dozens of young men around him agreed. Most were unemployed: less than 10% of Congo's working-age people in a population of 66m (the UN guesses) have formal jobs. All said they were ready to die if they felt their votes were not allowed to count.

While it’s hard to identify one specific reason for Rio’s failure to follow through on the commitments made leading up to the games, it’s easy to blame the politicians. At the exact same time the Olympics were unfolding, the largest government bribery scandal in Brazil’s history was unfolding behind the scenes. The aptly named “Operation Car Wash” investigation ultimately put over 200 top-level officials in the crosshairs. Even the once beloved Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva ended up being convicted and sentenced to nine and a half years in prison over $5 billion in bribes. That’s billion with a “b.”

Consider vocal dynamics as the changing volume levels in which a vocalist sings during a song.  These changes can be detrimental to your mix but they can also be beneficial, it all depends on the intent of the song arrangement and the quality of the singer.  For example, a vocalist can raise their volume at a critical part of a song and that adds to the emotional impact at that time.  There are also the tell-tale signs a singer isn’t comfortable singing a song when they belt out the chorus but their volume drops significantly when it comes to the verses.  You might even hear a bit of hesitation in their voice.  You can’t control everything.

Eq it only gets worse

eq it only gets worse


eq it only gets worseeq it only gets worseeq it only gets worseeq it only gets worseeq it only gets worse