Eq paladin only weapons

This is the best set you can get as a paladin. But you have to wait until level 150 to be able to wear all the pieces. Once you rach level 250 you can start thinking on buying or crafting a Umbral Master Bow It can only be wielded properly by paladin of level 250 or higher. Attack: 6 two-handed Range: 7 Range Hit: 5 Weight: oz. Created in patch: Distance skill: +3 Umbral Master Bow , wich is really expensive and hard to get.

Party Ability : One of the best guilds for tanking evil EQ and EXP monsters. Since paladins dont have to look for abjs that much unless they need stun prot, which they can get from healers or psi's. Paladins can make exp parties no problem and EQ parties can be fun too. However they can only do evil EQ monsters.

Finances : Not too bad its the same as fig. Just mainly killing monsters and running to the shops and back. Can be tiring and boring. However since its eaiser for paladins to make EQ parties. They can get the extra benefit from selling EQ.

  1. Go back to Izzal Din , in the Jarsath Wastes -689, -108, -854 Copy .
    • Izzal was amazed at the weapon that I obtained at The Tabernacle of Pain.
    • He explained that it is the reformed metal tablets that once held the tenants of Marr, it The Truth of Marr spent a detrimental amount of time within the demi-plane The Sphere of Malevolence, and as a result of that time it has become corrupted.
    • He believes that there must be a way to cleanse the sword and restore it to its prior glory.
  2. Priestess Avarona Wenhaver in North Qeynos at the The Temple of Life 10, -4, -11 Copy knows of an old text that may hold the key to restoring the sword.
    • According to an ancient text, I am to cure the irascibility of the once gallant item with rings of contrition.
    • The priestess also warned me that they must be well guarded or with in clutches of very powerful beasts
  3. You must acquire the 3 rings of contrition
    • What beasts could possess the rings of contrition, and what could they be?
    1. Ring of Valor : body loot from Imzok's Revengein Protector's Realm .
    2. Ring of Mercy : body loot from Tairiza the Widow Mistress in The Tomb of Thuuga .
    3. Ring of Generosity : body loot from Hoshkar in Veeshan's Peak .
  4. Inspect a ring after you get all 3. Head back to Izzal Din and you're done!

Eq paladin only weapons

eq paladin only weapons


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