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While we applaud Rees et al’s efforts to advance a novel approach to increase living donor kidney transplantation, there are numerous considerations that require equipoise, including the legality of this new definition of “financial incompatibility.” The Charlie Norwood Act amended the National Organ Transplant Act (NOTA) to allow human organ paired donation between biologically incompatible living donors and recipients. The use of compatible donors and recipients on the basis of financial incompatibility may not be encompassed in current interpretation of NOTA. While the authors offer a thoughtful rebuttal to this consideration, expansion of GKE would probably require amendment of risk of exploitation (real or potential) in GKE is a significant concern...

On the 18 th September JOG announced that, further to the Company's announcement of 11 September 2017, the wireline log data from the initial exploration well, received late on 12 September 2017, had been evaluated by the Joint Venture partnership led by the operator Statoil (.) Limited ("Statoil").  Indications of the potential for hydrocarbons to be present in a smaller accumulation up dip of the 20/05b-13 Verbier exploration well could not be ruled out. Accordingly, agreement was reached by the Joint Venture partners to target this resource with a sidetrack exploration well.

Equipoise fund

equipoise fund


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