Equipoise llc

Died at Spendthrift Farm in 1983.

ch. 1961 [B] NATIVE DANCER (USA)
gr. 1950 [IC] POLYNESIAN (USA)
br. 1942 [I] UNBREAKABLE (USA)
blk. 1935 SICKLE (GB) br. 1924 BLUE GLASS (FR) br. 1917 BLACK POLLY (USA)
b. 1936 POLYMELIAN (GB) ch. 1914 BLACK QUEEN (USA) blk/br. 1930 GEISHA (USA) *
gr. 1943 DISCOVERY (USA)
ch. 1931 [S] DISPLAY (USA)   b. 1923 ARIADNE (USA) br. 1926 * MIYAKO (USA)
gr. 1935 JOHN P GRIER (USA) ch. 1917 LA CHICA (USA) gr. 1930 RAISE YOU (USA) *
ch. 1946 CASE ACE (USA)
b. 1934 TEDDY (FR)
b. 1913 [S] AJAX (FR) b. 1901 RONDEAU (GB) b. 1900 SWEETHEART (USA) *
ch. 1920 ULTIMUS (USA) ch. 1906 [B] HUMANITY (FR) ch. 1916 * LADY GLORY (USA)
ch. 1922 MAN O' WAR (USA) ch. 1917 [S] LADY COMFEY (IRE) br. 1913 * BELOVED (USA)
br. 1927 WHISK BROOM (USA) ch. 1907 BILL AND COO (USA) blk/br. 1919 EXCLUSIVE (USA) *
ch. 1953 SHUT OUT (USA)
ch. 1939 EQUIPOISE (USA)
ch. 1928 [IC] PENNANT (USA)
ch. 1911 PETER PAN (USA)   b. 1904 [B] ROYAL ROSE (GB) b. 1894 * SWINGING (USA)
ch. 1922 BROOMSTICK (USA) b. 1901 [I] BALANCOIRE (FR) b. 1911 * GOOSE EGG (USA)
b. 1927 CHICLE (FR)
b. 1913 SPEARMINT (GB) b. 1903 [P] LADY HAMBURG (USA) br. 1908 OVAL (USA)
ch. 1921 FAIR PLAY (USA)   ch. 1905 [SP] OLYMPIA (USA) ch. 1911 GOOD EXAMPLE (USA)
br. 1944 PILATE (USA)
ch. 1928 [C] FRIAR ROCK (USA)
ch. 1913 ROCK SAND (GB) br. 1900 [CS] FAIRY GOLD (GB) ch. 1896 * HERODIAS (GB) *
gr. 1916 THE TETRARCH (IRE) gr. 1911 [I] HONORA (GB) ch. 1907 PARADE GIRL (USA) *
b. 1933 DISPLAY (USA)
b. 1923   FAIR PLAY (USA)   ch. 1905 [SP] CICUTA (GB) b. 1919 PANOPLY (USA)
b. 1917 PETER PAN (USA)   b. 1904 [B] INAUGURAL (USA) ch. 1910

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Just in time for the holidays, Tchaikovsky's beloved  Nutcracker Ballet  returns on Thursday, November 30th, at 7:30pm with the dazzling Eugene Ballet. Live music by the Idaho Falls Symphony brings the magical story to life— for one night only —with sets and costumes by former Disney designers plus expert choreography and professional dancers. The Idaho Falls School of Ballet has organized local dancers to perform student roles in the production, offering a unique side-by-side opportunity with the Eugene Ballet, and the Hillcrest Varsity Chorale will join the Symphony for the iconic Waltz of the Snowflakes. A morning school will be performed by the Symphony and Eugene Ballet for 1,900 local elementary school students.

Equipoise llc

equipoise llc


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