Females on testosterone

People who really want to argue that all sex differences that you find in the mind and in behavior can be explained by cultural factors might still have argued that in those 24 hours, that mother and baby or father and baby had been interacting, that parents may have been somehow shaping their sons and daughters to have different patterns of interest. That is just possible, because in 24 hours, people would argue, there's plenty of room for experience. But it's equally plausible that what we're seeing is babies arriving on day one with slightly different patterns of interest: with girls on average, being more oriented towards people, being more inquisitive about people, and boys, again on average, being slightly more oriented in their attention towards the physical environment, and patterns in the physical world.

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Little research has been conducted on the effect of hormones on reproduction motivation for same-sex sexual contact. One study observed the relationship between sexual reproduction motivation in lesbian and bisexual women and period-related changes in circulating estrogen concentrations. [19] Lesbian women who were at the estrogen peak of their fertile cycle reported increased reproduction motivation for sexual contact with women, whereas bisexual women reported only a slight increase in same-sex motivated sexual contact during peak estrogen levels. Interestingly, both lesbian and bisexual women showed decreases in reproduction motivation for other-sex sexual contact at peak estrogen levels, with greater changes in the bisexual group than the lesbian group.

Females on testosterone

females on testosterone


females on testosteronefemales on testosteronefemales on testosteronefemales on testosteronefemales on testosterone