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The degree of antagonism is not just driven by personal opinions about education levels, but rather by antagonism that has been delivered toward nurses and other providers by physicians. I was an RN before I became an NP, and the only provider to ever throw a hard-copy chart at me because I refused to write his orders like some little scribe was a physician. The only provider to ever openly ridicule me because he disagreed with my GCS calculation (by one point) was a physician. The only provider to ever write petty retaliatory orders because he was ticked at me for not joining his entourage was a physician (infuse 100 ml of 5% albumin over 12 hours). A FELLOW refused to allow for the overnight extubation of a post-op patient because she didn’t like the marginal lactate level. When I shared the general sentiment of the attending surgeon was that this patient should be extubated by morning rounds and that the scene would be ugly if we didn’t at least try, she pushed back. She had the benefit, however, of being somewhere else when the physician talked to ME like I was a three year old during morning rounds, meticulously explaining to me with dripping condescension how to wean a patient for a successful extubation, as if I was the obstacle to the overnight extubation. Deal with that nonsense for a few years and then maybe you’ll understand a little residual antagonism.

I have absolutely no idea but, at this point, anything is possible… I have days, regularly, and I’m sure you do as well, where I find myself thinking.. “Am I praying enough.. Am I repenting enough.. Am I working on having a truly contrite heart and humbling myself and putting my thoughts and attitudes under the authority of Christ?” (And, of course, humanly it’s never enough) Then I come in here and read some of the insanity that’s posted and I feel like I’m not a completely lost cause… Sigh… lol

Haldol deck

haldol deck


haldol deckhaldol deckhaldol deckhaldol deckhaldol deck