Loss of testosterone effects

If you lose hair because of high testosterone or lack of it, there is no guaranteed treatment. However, hair loss provoked by too much testosterone or its shortage may be reversible with correct treatment. To slow down the hair loss you need to stop the transformation of free testosterone to dihydrotestosterone by such means as your doctor will recommend. Normally you should take the medecine once a day, and after a few months you can notice positive results. However, if you stop taking the drug against baldness, your hair will start to fall out again. Such treatment is not safe for women. Therefore, before you start to treat hair loss, you have to visit a specialist and undergo all the necessary tests.

Secondly, I wouldn’t be concerned whether or not you’re shedding. Some people shed a little bit, and some people don’t — but shedding is definitely NOT always a good sign (as you know). Some shedding is normal because of the nature of the massages. However, some people also shed because they create too much friction on the scalp skin, or they don’t allow for enough recovery time in between sessions. That’s not the good type of shed. So, don’t worry about not shedding 🙂 Regrowth is possible with or without the type of shedding you’re looking for.

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Loss of testosterone effects

loss of testosterone effects


loss of testosterone effectsloss of testosterone effectsloss of testosterone effectsloss of testosterone effectsloss of testosterone effects