Nandrolone facts

WWE officials met with prosecutors from the Albany County, New York, District Attorney’s office in August 2007 regarding information that several contracted performers were revealed to be customers of Signature Pharmacy, a Florida-based internet drug retailer accused of running a nationwide illegal steroid ring. At the end of the month, WWE officials had suspended 12 wrestlers: Charlie Haas, Chavo Guerrero, Chris Masters, Edge, Funaki, Gregory Helms, John Morrison, King Booker, Mr. Kennedy, Snitsky , Umaga and William Regal .

There are no tell, tell signs of steroid abuse like there are with recreational drugs and this can make true abuse a little difficult to spot. However, here at we want to look at all aspects of steroid use, and in doing so, give you a better understanding of the topic at hand. Some of what you find will be nothing new, but much of it promises to be information that you’ve never been told. There is so much to discuss when it comes to this topic, and we guarantee when it comes to steroid abuse you may very well find what you once believed will rapidly change once exposed to the truth.

Nandrolone facts

nandrolone facts


nandrolone factsnandrolone factsnandrolone factsnandrolone factsnandrolone facts