Natural remedies for low testosterone

  • Drinking a lot of water, six or more glasses a day, will help the body to excrete more uric acid. Water also decreases the chances of getting kidney stones.

  • Maintaining a proper weight, and getting regular exercise reduces the risk and severity of gout attacks.

  • Avoid foods with high levels of purines. As we mentioned before, foods with high purine levels include shellfish, alcohol, organ meat, creamy sauces, dried peas, etc.

  • Foods known to decrease the occurrence of gout include: dairy, foods high in potassium, black cherry juice, blueberries and lemon juice.

  • Immediately treating gout will not allow it to get worse. We will now go over treatment, and natural remedies for gout in more detail.

Treatments of gout can vary depending upon your overall health, age and medical history. The first step in treatment though is to reduce the risk factors mentioned in our prevention section. These include: Drinking a lot of water, maintaining proper weight, exercising, avoiding certain foods, and using appropriate medications.

Most traditional gout medications have severe side effects, and as a result, many people prefer to use natural remedies for gout. For example, the side effects of Prednisone include: thinning of bones, an increase in joint pain, lessoning of ability to fight infections, irregular heartbeat, nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, eye pain, etc.

Natural remedies for gout have no side effects, and are safe to use long term. As an added benefit, most gout natural remedies contain ingredients that will help to improve the bodies overall health. For these reasons, many medical professional believe that natural remedies for gout are your best alternative. Recommended Gout Natural Remedies

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My nephew has also suffered from wheezing for years – he’s 11 now. He was allergic to dust so his Mum finally got rid of all the carpets in the house, she changed his bedding to allergy free and cleans the floors with a steam mop 3 times a week. It really works, he is so much better and doesn’t wake up with red eyes and breathing problems anymore. Good job they don’t have pets because he starts again when he comes to my house with our two cats! Good luck with your son, hope his condition improves and you discover what is causing it soon.

Regular physical activity helps to improve sleep quality, reduce inflammation, boost confidence, improve energy levels and ease stress and tension. People with anxiety can benefit from exercises like yoga and tai chi  because they promote relaxation and involve deep breathing techniques that help to reduce stress and muscle tension. A 2012 review published in Alternative Medicine Review found that of the 35 trials that addressed the effects of yoga on anxiety and stress, 25 of them noted a significant decrease in stress and anxiety symptoms as a result of practicing yoga. ( 22 ) In fact,  yoga changes your brain by impacting your GABA levels and suppressing neural activity. Besides yoga and tai chi, you can practice other exercises that help to calm the body. For example, running, walking or hiking outdoors, lifting weights and even dancing can help to combat stress.

Natural remedies for low testosterone

natural remedies for low testosterone


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