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Could you suggest the best economical way for starting plants inside to be planted in my garden. I have a basement but it’s cold and water comes in if it rains a lot. The floor has ledge in some areas, no insulation and the foundation is old (rock and concrete). I have a shed that is fairly large but I would have to run electrical cords. I read the tents are waterproof with floors. I don’t get a lot of water in my basement. It just gets a little wet in some areas. Is there a DIY type of system? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am also concerned about fire. Is there a risk of fire? I’m looking for a beginners set-up that is small. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of indoor gardening.

My son is 21 months and is great at independent play- to the point where he gets quite cross if we try to play with him!! He very rarely plays ‘correctly’ with toys, choosing to stack them, line them up, post them over the stair gate etc! He loves playing with empty bottles, tins and household gadgets- the vacuume and lamp switches being a particular favourite! I did worry that he only has few toys in comparison to my friends but on reflection, I feel that this is a good thing as he doesn’t get over stimulated- and our house is less cluttered! We watch TV but he isn’t glued to it, he will happily wander off after a few minutes to explore then watch a bit more- it certainly helps when he is very unsettled or upset to put his favourite, gentle programme on. I’ll also pop on the sky arts channel and he’ll enjoy the ballet or classical concerts, again absorbing but not being glued to the screen. Everything in moderation.

You sit among the grasses and flowers on the steep slope, with the encompassing blue sky around and above and in places, even below you. Your gaze slides down the graceful multi-textured hillsides, then dances over the treetops huddled in the valleys. Across the flatlands below and beyond the hills, you can sense the Missouri River and Nebraska on the vague horizon. The sun and breeze caress you. Birdsong beckons amid the hush. You are immersed in nature, not focused on yourself, glad to be a small part of a vast and complex wholeness. That’s a sweet moment at Turin Prairie.

Natural way to raise testosterone

natural way to raise testosterone


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