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There are not enough qualified science teachers in our schools for instance, some teachers of chemistry, physics, economics, geography, accountancy, biology, computer etc teach mathematics because they have little knowledge of it. On the other hand, a chemistry teacher may be required to teach physics and rise-versa. According to Abdulahman (1989) in Obodo (1993) the teacher students ratio in mathematics and physics in some selected schools in Lagos are 1:798 and 1:3297 respectively. This means that teacher student ration is very low in science and mathematics. Thus, teaching staff in science are in adequate both inquality and quantity.

Another important thing to realize is that single parent families can be just as strong as two parent families, if not stronger. Single parents can raise children just as well as any other parents. It will be more difficult though, and there are a few pieces of advice that should be taken. The first deals with time, and that it must be managed efficiently on a daily basis. There are many tasks that must get done each day, and planning days in advance can help in this area. Also, make sure that your well being is taken care of as well, especially in regards to health. Do not neglect it for the sake of anyone, but rather keep a watchful eye and make sure that the stress levels are kept as low as possible in the household.

Options for low testosterone

options for low testosterone


options for low testosteroneoptions for low testosteroneoptions for low testosteroneoptions for low testosteroneoptions for low testosterone