Supplements for low testosterone

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Research has shown strong relationships between lower rates of chronic diseases and higher levels of vitamin D. The most well-known disease related to vitamin D deficiency is rickets . Rickets is the disease that was found to be cured by consuming cod liver oil in the early 20th century. Rickets causes soft, weak bones in children, resulting in skeletal deformities (bowed legs), impaired growth, bone pain , dental problems, and fragile bones. Unfortunately, rickets has still been seen in children not being fed an adequate amount of vitamin D. In adults, vitamin D deficiency can lead to osteoporosis and osteomalacia (both are conditions of weakened bones).

If you are thinking of taking selenium supplements, talk to your doctor and pharmacist about possible side effects from drug combinations, Sternfeld said. "The only way the health care industry can help people is if they collaborate, and talk their health care providers — pharmacists and doctors — so they can collaborate. When you pick up medicines like blood thinners or sedatives, tell your pharmacist if you are taking selenium supplements," he added. "Interactions and adverse drug reactions are the backbone of what pharmacists should be focusing on."

Supplements for low testosterone

supplements for low testosterone


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