Supplements to increase testosterone

Everyone should take such nutritional supplements daily for a lifetime because of all the health benefits provided by nitric oxide.  Since NO declines appreciably with age, I suggest that men and women begin taking such nutritional supplements at a relatively young age, such as between 20 and 35 years of age.  The younger the better.  Having indicated that, it’s never too late to begin at any age because you will still enjoy the health benefits of nitric oxide at any age.  I recommend strongly that women take products to boost their nitric oxide, and they should begin many years prior to onset of menopause.  The reason for this pertains to the levels of estrogen in women, which decline sharply during and after menopause.  Estrogen is well known to stimulate the production of NO, and prior to the onset of menopause women produce more NO than do men of equivalent age.  Consequently, prior to menopause, women are more protected than are men of equivalent age against cardiovascular disease associated with low levels of NO, such as stroke and heart attack.  However, big changes occur in women after menopause.  The sharp decline in estrogen causes a simultaneous decline in NO production and thereby increases the risk for stroke and heart attack in women compared with men of equivalent age.  Therefore, I recommend that women begin boosting their nitric oxide levels between 20 and 35 years of age and continue to do so daily for a lifetime.

I recently read your article on Acetylcholine. I'm particularly interested in the section that included, "Acetylcholine blocking drugs and cognitive decline" I had unfortunately fallen down a road of abusing diphenhydramine. Over the course of a year I had worked up from 25 mg to about 450 mg a day. I have been off it now for about a month and can feel my cognitive function are beginning to rebound. I'm 35 yo male and 200 lb. As I did research I ran into the fact that diphenhydramine blocks Acetylcholine, like little pink Alzheimer's in a bottle. So I'm looking for supplements that may help my system rejuvenate its choline process. I have NOT taken any supplements yet. But I did get a choline blend supplement with 150 mg citicoline (CDP Choline) and 150mg Alpha GPC per 1 day serving. I'm not sure if this might be a good direction to start. Or is there any additional or alternative suggestions . Galatamine or Huperzine? I also read about the receptors such as the Nicotinic Acetylcholine receptors. Could those receptors be impaired or diminished? Are there any supplements that could aid them? And I do know first and foremost the importance of receiving help for addiction, in which I have. Basically what would be a good course to research with supplements that may aid me in restoring the choline process in my brain/body?
   A. It is worthwhile trying the supplements you have purchased, others to try include carnosine and acetylcarnitine.

Hi Alicia. How often are you feeding? Just wanted to check if you are breastfeeding your baby often and if your baby is gaining weight. If your supply is really low, have you also consulted your doctor if fenugreek is good for you? Need to ask to be certain that you do not have any sensitivities to fenugreek. If your doctor has cleared you, and while all the supplements I mentioned are safe, I would personally recommend the Traditional Medicinals Organic Mothers Milk Tea . While it is helpful in increasing milk supply, please check that you do not have any allergies in the parsley family and daisy family before you take it.

Supplements to increase testosterone

supplements to increase testosterone


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