Testosterone increase side effects

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There is a risk to benefit ratio for everything, and my patients and I put a lot of thought into the decision to treat with testosterone. While there are doctors out there who are willing to prescribe testosterone to just about anybody, I am not one of them. However, I may use give it to a patient who is still technically “normal” if it is appropriate. For example, I am more aggressive with TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) in patients with diabetes or metabolic syndrome. I would be very reluctant to prescribe testosterone to a 51 year-old guy who has a good sex drive and high energy unless he could benefit substantially from a medical standpoint. On another note, if muscle growth is coming at all you are doing better than most. Building muscle is a very tough process for anyone who has been training consistently for any length of time. Before considering TRT, I would make sure your training, lifestyle, nutrition and supplement regimens are on point. I hope this helps. Thanks.

Testosterone increase side effects

testosterone increase side effects


testosterone increase side effectstestosterone increase side effectstestosterone increase side effectstestosterone increase side effectstestosterone increase side effects