Undecylenate cream

Better Together
Frankincense Intense™ Concentrate and Cream have been scientifically formulated to work together; the Concentrate gives skin an instant age-defying boost, the Cream gives age-defying results and effective, firming and toning hydration. Use them together for best age-defying results. Independent consumer trials using Concentrate & Cream together found:
•  85%  agreed their skin feels  smoother
•  82%  agree their skin looks & feels  firmer
•  79%  agree their  wrinkles  are  visibly reduced
•  79%  agree their skin looks & feels  younger 
152 women took part in the trial

Undecylenate cream

undecylenate cream


undecylenate creamundecylenate creamundecylenate creamundecylenate creamundecylenate cream