Undecylenate ringworm

I have been taking a zinc supplement in a high dosage, (75mg, built up over a few weeks) as recommended by my practitioner. I have had long standing systemic Candida on and off for many years (30). I have been able to get it under control to a certain extent, but never really got rid of it. Any stress or upset, and it comes back. I have been on many different supplements over the years, and some have been better than others. However, through doing a lot of research myself, and reading articles on Candida have come to the conclusion that I have Copper Bio-unavailability. About 2 months ago, I did a taste mineral test, I was deficient in every mineral, apart from Copper – which tasted awful. My practitioner suggested a high zinc supplement for a couple of months to see if this would help sort my mineral levels out. I am just over a month into the regime, and I feel better than I have done in a long time. My only concern is with me taking such a high level of zinc, how will I know that the bio-unavailable Copper is being released. I have been having quite a few die-off symptoms, which are slowly going away. And am I in danger of being Copper deficient? Should you take Copper supplements if you have bio-unavailable Copper circulating in your system? I am going to do another taste test soon, to see if my mineral levels have gone up. Would like to know your opinion on this please.

Undecylenate ringworm

undecylenate ringworm


undecylenate ringwormundecylenate ringwormundecylenate ringwormundecylenate ringworm