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Many feminists (especially scholars and activists) have called for culture repositioning as a method for deconstructing patriarchy. Culture repositioning relates to culture change . It involves the reconstruction of the cultural concept of a society. [40] Prior to the widespread use of "patriarchy", feminists used the terms "male chauvinism " and "sexism" to refer roughly to the same phenomenon. [41] Author bell hooks argues that the new term identifies the ideological system itself (that men are inherently dominant or superior to women) that can be believed and acted upon by either men or women, whereas the earlier terms imply only men act as oppressors of women. This statement is critical in understanding the beliefs of the vast majority of feminists; believing and/or preaching otherwise only adds to the oppression of the patriarchy, and extends the length of its domain. [41]

Now the question is, in a climate when politicians and the media are finally paying attention to military and campus sexual assault, should these new findings alter our national conversation about rape? Stemple is a longtime feminist who fully understands that men have historically used sexual violence to subjugate women and that in most countries they still do. As she sees it, feminism has fought long and hard to fight rape myths—that if a woman gets raped it’s somehow her fault, that she welcomed it in some way. But the same conversation needs to happen for men. By portraying sexual violence against men as aberrant, we prevent justice and compound the shame. And the conversation about men doesn’t need to shut down the one about women. “Compassion,” she says, “is not a finite resource.”

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What does male testosterone do

what does male testosterone do


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