What supplements boost testosterone

Desiccated thyroid has been used to treat hypothyroidism for many years, but is rarely taken anymore. Most people switched to levothyroxine by the end of the 1970s. People may also seek out thyroid extract as a treatment for low thyroid function because they prefer “natural” treatments. Though this type of treatment still works by replacing the missing thyroid hormone from the body, it does not provide levels that are either as consistent or easy to monitor as levothyroxine does. In fact, if you search the internet for controlled clinical trials involving low thyroid hormone treatment, you will find a lot of strong evidence for levothyroxine and virtually none for thyroid extract.

I have tried a lot of things(17)(20-21).Valium 6 very hard to quit . , Mary Jane( 17-22) 5 yrs started causing panic attacks so had to quit completely. , Prozak( 34-37) 3 yrs weight gain and sexual desire loss , couldn’t do any counselling to get well on the drug and suicidal , Pamelor kept me awake cleaning all night(38) , Paxil (38)gained ten pounds almost immediated and stopped before prescirption ran out., Effexor (38-39) was a horrible drug I used 1 yr and it woke me up nightly in sweating panic and suicidal during the day and was hard to quit., Lithium(40-41), for a year stole my short term memory and gained thirty pounds and craved chocolate constantly. Lorazepam,(54-55) steals your focus and makes you forgetful. I tried others . I get bad withdrawals when cutting back on coffee or sugar . Cigarettes were very hard to quit.(13-26) Gained 10 pounds and had a nervous breakdown. I took one solid year off after each antidepressant I used , before trying something new for depression .The best cure is to talk about what happened to you and how you will fix your life . Make wise choices and surround yourself with people moving beyond their dysfunction . Take a class , join a group, exercise , drink water, read health books and sites and try supplements.
All this happened to me because of child abuse , but I don’t have to stay a victim , I can learn and overcome anything and I can find people that are like me, that want to be well and healthy and not just take a pill . I was looking for them the whole time I was stuck on the medicines trying to overcome depression and hopelessness.
I also learned recently how to heal the broken heart and that is moving old mountains out of my way . Trigger behaviors will soon be a thing of the past for me . Praise God for wisdom and understanding. Don’t believe every doctor or book you read. Do some research. God Bless, JOY

What supplements boost testosterone

what supplements boost testosterone


what supplements boost testosteronewhat supplements boost testosteronewhat supplements boost testosteronewhat supplements boost testosteronewhat supplements boost testosterone